Exceptional Fire Performance

Firestop is a versatile non-combustible solution for today’s demanding construction needs. Firestop’s excellent performance in fire, coupled with low smoke emissions, provides peace of mind for property owners, insurers and designers by minimising risk through robust testing and compliance.

Total Versatility

Our non-combustible internal wall and ceiling insulated panels deliver a flexible product that combines functionality, reliability and durability. These products are suitable for an array of sectors such as industrial, logistics, data centres and commercial buildings as well as more demanding environments including food processing and the pharmaceutical industry. Designed to be installed with ease, Firestop can be used for permanent walls, temporary partitions and demountable solutions.

Enhanced Sustainability Credentials

100% recyclable, the Firestop range has a low environmental impact and is made from part-recycled materials, increasing your buildings performance. Superior air-tightness, far in excess of the reference level, is effective in improving your buildings carbon footprint by reducing the energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Facings & Profiles

  • Facings
  • Profiles
  • Colours


Advantica® L Control (WFSL)

120 micron thick White Food Safe Laminate for internal hygienic areas.

Colorcoat® PE25 Polyester

Standard white 25 micron, painting system consisting of primer and polyester finish. Other colours upon request.

Advantica® PR (Primer)

7 micron coat of epoxy paint.

Colorcoat® Leathergrain

A 200 micron PVC paint system with leathergrain emboss, available in various colours.

Colorcoat® Prisma

Colorcoat® smooth 27 micron polyvinyl difluoride stoved fluorocarbon, available in various colours.


Colorcoat® Scintilla, organic coated 200 microns Scintilla, emboss of 40 microns. Available in various colours.

GreenCoat® Mica

GreenCoat® Mica has a high environmental position as SSAB have replaced a substantial amount of the traditional fossil oil content with rapeseed oil.

In addition to the extensive colour range offering and subject to a minimum order value, we have the capability to ‘colour up’ any steel to meet your corporate colour requirements..

Castellation, Micro Rib & V-Rib Panel Profiles


Laminated panel produces a much flatter surface than other manufacturing methods, but ‘optical’ flatness is not assured; some shadowing might be evident in certain lighting situations.


Pitch 200mm – 5 per panel


Pitch 100mm

Micro Rib

Pitch 300mm – 1 side only

Diagrams not to scale. At Isoclad, we understand that panelling can often be a complex job that requires a number of different materials and panel profiles. Our range of panel profiles allows for great flexibility when it comes to construction; from castellation panels to V-Rib and flat panels, we aim to stock the widest range possible.


SSAB GreenCoat®


Bio-based coating made with Swedish rapeseed oil (bio-based technology)

Roofing Façade

Energy Efficient

Reflects the sun and lowers energy requirements for cooling inside

Roofing Façade

Outdoor Durability

Best colour and closs retention over years

Roofing Façade

Colour Repeatability

The tightest tolerances for perfect matches from delivery to delivery

Roofing Façade

Enhanced Formability

Specialised products for metal roofers



Maximum resistance to dirt, felt-tip pens or spray paint



SSAB’s classic solutions for standard profiles

Roofing Façade

For more information, please visit the SSAB website.

TATA Steel Colorcoat® LG

White BS 00E55

Goosewing Grey BS 10A05

Honesty BS 10C31

Mushroom BS 10B19

Moorland Green BS 12B21

Merlin Grey BS 18B25

Juniper Green BS 12B29

Anthracite RAL 7016

Van Dyke Brown BS 08B29

Sargasso RAL 5003

Black BS 00E53

For more information, please visit the Tata Steel website.

TATA Steel Colorcoat® HPS 200 Ultra

White BS 00E55

Goosewing Grey BS 10A05

Hamlet RAL 9002

Merlin Grey BS 18B25

Anthracite RAL 7016

For more information, please visit the Tata Steel website.

TATA Steel Corus Colorcoat® PVDF

White RAL 9010

Alaska Grey RAL 7000

Silver RAL 9006

Oyster RAL 7035

Slate Grey RAL 7012

For more information, please visit the Tata Steel website.

Firestop 12 FAQs

In what environments can you use Firestop 12 panels?

Due to their superior fire ratings and non-combustibility, Firestop panels are especially suitable for high fire risk locations, such as bakeries, any area where cooking is prevalent or firewalls to comply with Building Regulations.

What joints can you have with Firestop panels?

Firestop panels can be installed using through fix joints.

What are the fire ratings?

Firestop panels can offer up to 120 minutes (2 hours) fire resistance to both insulation and integrity, but the configuration of the panel and the application type can affect this. When requesting a quote, please communicate with the sales team the fire resistance you require for the job

What is the structural wall and ceiling maximum recommended span and weight?

The maximum unsupported span for both wall and ceiling panels would be 7.5metres. The maximum structural span is up to 12.5metres, but please clarify your span/performance requirements with our sales team

What are the Manufacturing Tolerances?

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