Panel Manager easy install composite panels

Panel Manager

Easy-install composite panels

Panel Manager easy install composite panels


In the eyes of Isoclad, there are always new and innovative ways available to assist contractors in installing their composite panels – putting them into practice and rolling them out is key to keeping our services ahead of our competitors.

We have recently worked closely with a group of specifiers and contractors in order to establish ways in which using the Isoclad brand could be improved further. Step forward, Panel Manager, a service that is set to change the modular build process going forward.

Panel Manager – Easy to install composite panels.

Starting out as a very clear and somewhat easy concept, often we would hear how self-instructing panels would be key to cutting down on expensive installation time.

By using Isoclad’s Panel Manager service, your panels are packed, shipped and delivered in a numbered installation sequence meaning you unload your panels in line with your project phases.

Changing the way modular builds are built

We have already had an incredible response to our new service from contractors who are specifically working on data centres, modular builds and temporary accommodation.

This service is available for all of our panels including FireStop fire rated panels together with our Thermocore panels.

If you are looking to make the install of your composite panel application easier,

get in touch with our sales team on 0191 258 5052 or email

For our sister brand security rated panels, please visit Securiclad.


Panel ManagerPanel ManagerPanel Manager easy install composite panels

Why use Panel Manager?

“We can arrange for your panels to be delivered individually numbered and stacked in the sequence that the panels will be hung on your wall, saving you time and money”



  • lpcb
    LPS1175 SR3 and SR4
    Modular Security Enclosure
    and Partitioning System
  • ballistics
    European Ballistic Standard
    EN1063 – BR2 (NSR), BR3 (SR),
    BR5 (NSR), BR6 (NSR)