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Case Study: Fire Rated and Thermally Insulated Panels

Fire rated and Thermally Insulated Panels: All cores, One Panel Supplier.

A combination of Isoclad panel cores have been installed into a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

Thanks to Isoclad’s Firestop and Thermocore panels, both the processing and dispensing areas at the Swindon-based company have been able to realise a high level of fire resistance and thermal insulation respectively.

Several processing and dispensing areas were supplied with Isoclad’s Firestop panels to form a fire resistant panelling system to the walls and ceilings.


Insulated Fire-Resistant Panel

firerated thermally insulated panelsfirerated thermally insulated panels

The Isoclad Firestop range is made up of insulated Fire rated thermally insulated panels that can be used to form an all-encompassing panelling system. All Firestop panels are manufactured to an ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system.

Firestop panels enjoy a Rockwool®* (European fire classification Class A1 rated) core and due to the superior fire ratings and non-combustibility, they are particularly suitable for high fire risk locations, such as bakeries, any area where cooking is prevalent of firewalls to comply with Building Regulations.

Read more about Firestop panels here.



Insulated Composite Panels


firerated thermally insulated panels

firerated thermally insulated panelsThe plant’s temperature controlled storage rooms required composite panels with a superior thermal insulation rating. Isoclad were able to supply a Thermocore panel system to provide and ensure the rooms operated at a constant temperature.

Thermocore panels have a Polyisocyanurate core.

Manufactured from MDI Polyols and blowing agent (ODP Zero + GWP less than 5) to produce highly cross-linked polymers. This closed cell foam has an excellent thermal performance, good shear, and tensile strength and is very lightweight. These benefits make our panels ideal for freezers and cold storage rooms.

You can read more about Thermocore here.

The end user relied heavily on Isoclad’s experience in Fire integrity / passive fire spread and compartment wall segregation which assured the end user that they were installing a proven fire tested/rated panel system for room segregation to control fire spread.

The interlocking Isoclad panels used on the Thermocore and the FireStop 10 / 12 panels enabled the customer to purchase all cores at the same time from one supplier which resulted in a continuity of the panel joint between one core and another.

Fire rated thermally insulated panels

Given the positive feedback received from previous projects the Isoclad team always feel comfortable when working with end users, architects and main contractors when recommending a certain panel type and system that enables environments to work at a constant temperature while offering the perfect U Value solution and fire protection.

A recent comment from one of Isoclad’s happy customers: “Thanks very much for the meeting earlier – one of the most useful and informative product meetings I’ve had in quite some time. Thanks, too, for your patience in explaining the entire project detail. Much appreciated.’

All cores, one panel supplier

This project utilised a total of 9,720m2 of the Isoclad composite panel system ranging from 40mm thick Thermocore to 200mm thick Firestop 12 core and were installed by an approved installation contracting team.

The aesthetic finish of the panel system was white dust-free class zero spread of flame steel Laminate.

Isoclad were also tasked to supply all doors, louvres, windows systems and associated ancillaries on this occasion ensuring that everything was provided with the correct size/style as well as the desired aesthetic finishes and performance.

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