fire rated hoarding panels

Case Study: Hoardings going Underground

Fire Rated Hoarding Panels

fire rated hoarding panels

Occasionally, an Isoclad case study will land on the desks of our marketing department that stops them in their tracks.

Whether it’s the sheer magnitude of a project, the challenging demands of a particular environment or the pure beauty of the aesthetic, there’s one Isoclad project that ticked all of these boxes and you can read about it here.

When the main contractor for Network Rail called on Isoclad’s assistance in the renovation of one of the Tube’s most iconic stations, Technical Sales Manager, Andy Palmer, knew we were going to be involved in something just a little bit special.


The project, in total, utilised more than 4,500sqm of fire rated hoarding panels from Isoclad’s Firestop range.

Isoclad Ltd manufactures Firestop, an insulated Fire-Resistant Panel that can be used for wall systems, horizontally or vertically and ceilings. All panels are manufactured to an ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system.

The Firestop Insulated Fire-Resistant Panel has a Rockwool®* (European fire classification Class A1 rated) core and due to its superior fire ratings and non-combustibility is especially suitable for high fire risk locations, such as bakeries, any area where cooking is prevalent of firewalls to comply with Building Regulations.

The non-combustibility of Rockwool® combined with the steel facings give Firestop panels a Class ‘0’ rating and according to the new European classifications for reaction to fire, a Class A2.

* Rockwool® insulant comprises of mineral rock fibres bonded together with thermosetting resins to form the insulant materials.

Main considerations during the major regeneration of Waterloo Station were: Keeping the public moving in a safe and efficient manner with the very least amount of disruption as possible.

Initially, traditional hoardings were briefly considered for the station works but, thanks to the unique properties attached to the Isoclad Modular Hoarding system, not to mention superior fire and acoustic ratings, made the decision to disregard the non-fire resistant, unpleasant-looking traditional method almost immediately.

The architecturally beautiful Isoclad fire rated hoarding panels, to the untrained eye, almost give the impression of finished works at the station but, each carefully-crafted panel conceals something rather special.

One-by-one, each group of fire-resistant hoarding panels will be removed to reveal a range of brand-new eateries and conveniences including retail outlets, boutiques and coffee shops.


The Isoclad modular hoarding system has now been specified on all projects for CrossRail, Transport for London, Network Rail, and London Underground.

A project like this, although looks effortless, most definitely didn’t come without its fair share of challenges.


Isoclad came up against many a logistical hoop that required jump after jump. But this is how we work. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we weren’t able to meet the unique requests of our customers.

Such hoops included liaising with main contractors and installers to ensure that panels were delivered on time, every time. With no on-site storage space, there was no margin for error.

All of the panels left the Isoclad facility with pre-customised apertures for windows, doors, vents and cabling cut out and indexed in sequence of installation meaning, thanks to Isoclad’s CustomClad and PanelManager service, there was no on-site waste to be removed.

The speed at which the hoardings can be installed was another major factor in the decision being made to use the Isoclad fire-rated hoarding panels. They can be installed, taken down, and moved within a matter of hours.


If you would like to find out more about how the Isoclad modular walling system can benefit your next project, whether it be for hoardings, data centres, clean rooms, food manufacturing, spray booths etc. please contact our sales team on 0191 258 5052 or email

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