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Case Study: Firerated Composite Panels for Data Centre Enclosure

Physical security and fire ratings improved with Isoclad

Isoclad were approached by a prestigious technology company for assistance in building a data centre enclosure at their headquarters located on the South Coast of England.

It was identified that the existing portal frame design with external sheeting would benefit from an increase in both physical security barrier and fire ratings associated with composite panels, together with their desired U value.

Retrofit Fire Rated Composite Panels

For the external walls, Isoclad were able to retrofit their acclaimed FireStop 12 fire rated composite panels and system components onto the existing portal frame.

Internal walls and ceilings were constructed using the Isoclad Fire rated FireStop 10 and 12 system along with an Isoclad PIR Thermocore system.

Complete No Air Leakage

The main criteria for this build was for the end user to be able to enjoy a panel system that offered complete NO AIR LEAKAGE through the joints or perimeter of the structure as a gas suppression system was to be installed.

The Data Centre build also required a panel system that would be able to offer impressive U values with guarantees that the panel system would not create any sweating or condensation within the rooms.

Customised Composite Panels

The aesthetic finish of the wall panels was White Hygienic foodsafe graded steel. Isoclad were able to create an adventurous black intergalactic scape to the ceiling with an infinite effect complete with LED lighting to create the illusion of a starry night sky.

Isoclad recommended bespoke matt black steel ‘infinity ceiling’ that created a spectacular visual appearance within the installation.


The installation comprised of a split level ground floor with the first floor being supported on a mezzanine. In total, 5740m2 of LPBC fire rated Panels were used during the build internally and 3250m2 of the FireStop 12-panel system used externally together with 2490m2 of the Thermocore.

The installation was carried out by Isoclad’s certified nominated approved installer.

Insulated Fire-Resistant Panel

Isoclad Ltd manufactures Firestop, an insulated Fire-Resistant Panel that can be used for wall systems, horizontally or vertically and ceilings. All panels are manufactured to an ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system.

The Firestop Insulated Fire-Resistant Panel has a Rockwool®* (European fire classification Class A1 rated) core and due to its superior fire ratings and non-combustibility is especially suitable for high fire risk locations, such as bakeries, any area where cooking is prevalent of firewalls to comply with Building Regulations.

The non-combustibility of Rockwool® combined with the steel facings give Firestop panels a Class ‘0’ rating and according to the new European classifications for reaction to fire, a Class A2.

* Rockwool® insulant comprises of mineral rock fibres bonded together with thermosetting resins to form the insulant materials.

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