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Case Study: Customised Panel System from Isoclad

Pre-cut insulated panels

Since launching our Customclad customised composite panel service to our wider network of specifiers, contractors and end users, we have seen an overwhelming response to its capabilities and have pleasure in giving a run-down of one of our Customclad projects.

Clean Room facility at 3M Security Printing

Manchester-based 3M Security Printing approached several well-known composite panel manufacturers and asked each for their technical advice and expert knowledge on how best to form several large secure dust-free clean rooms.

Andy Palmer, Technical Sales Manager for Isoclad, was invited to attend a meeting with the designated Main Contractor together with 3M on site to discuss Isoclad’s recommended panels and the rationale as to why and how the recommended insulated panel system could best benefit 3M.

Customised Panel Expertise

Using his technical expertise and wealth of knowledge in the customised panel field, Andy endorsed the use of Isoclad’s Thermocore PIR core wall and ceiling panel system to form each clean room enclosure. Isoclad’s fire rated FireStop Rockwool core panels were recommended for the fire separation areas.

As 3M Security Printing describe their business as having dust-free zones where the operation of laminating secure personal and business documents are carried out, Isoclad were advised that no cutting of the composite panels would not be permitted anywhere inside of the building. It was essential that all the panel customisation and cutting would be done in a secure designated area outside. It was clear from the outset that there was a requirement for a customised panel system.

Customised Panel Delivery

When asked how Isoclad could benefit 3M, it was quite obvious that Isoclad would be required to use the services of our Customclad department to supply all panels cut to length and width with all door, window and ceiling apertures pre-cut at Isoclad’s factory and delivered to site as a complete encompassing system. Our Customclad service was able to supply a bespoke modular application by ensuring that very little if no dust was created during the installation of the insulated panels.

The end user relied heavily on Isoclad’s experience in fire integrity and passive fire spread together with compartment wall segregation to assure the end user that a proven fire tested/rated panel system for room segregation in controlling fire spread was being installed.

Cutting The Time On Your Modular Build

The whole project had an original panel installation time of nine weeks that Isoclad were able to dramatically cut to only seven weeks SIMPLY as a direct result of the Customclad services.

Isoclad were advised that all other leading panel manufacturers declined to offer what Customclad were offering with an attitude of ‘we supply panels and will NOT offer any others service such as the pre-customisation of panels that Isoclad were able to offer.

Customclad Service. Customised To You

The Customclad service offers a unique way of purchasing composite insulated panels. We’re able to customise your panels to suit your individual project, including plywood bonded under the steel surface for ease of fixing items to the panel face; aperture cut-outs and conduits within the core for hidden cables; socket and light switch cut-outs within panels; panels cut to width and modular options to mention only a few.

Managing Director of Isoclad and Securiclad, was grateful to receive a personal thank you from the end user:

“Please thank the whole team at Isoclad and CustomClad for their efforts in supplying a complete system that enabled my business to operate without any interruption due to the fact that every insulated panel arrived on site cut to length and width with apertures where required.
“The professionalism of Isoclad was sublime and I take this opportunity to express my appreciation.
“While we are unlikely to use Isoclad again, as this was a one-off project, I can assure you that I will take every opportunity to promote your business as often as I can

This project utilised a total of 5,320m2 of the Isoclad composite panel system ranging from 50mm thick Thermocore to 150mm thick Firestop 10/12 core and was installed by an approved installation contracting team through a Main Contractor.

The aesthetic finish of the panel system was white dust Free class zero spread of flame steel.

Could your business benefit from using the Customclad service? Get in touch with Isoclad today to discuss your next application.

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