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Case Study: Cleanroom Panels

Known for our far-reaching capabilities throughout the UK, Isoclad are always delighted to also work with those a little closer to home, too.

Case Study: Cleanroom Panels

When local fabricating business, Sheet Metal Products (Newcastle), required an insulated composite panel system for a customer’s cleanroom facility, Isoclad’s cleanroom panels were the obvious choice.
A well-known worldwide medical solution company who offer pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices near Newcastle upon Tyne, whom have plants across the globe, including China, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland and America, could not have been more delighted with the quality, service and reliability of the Isoclad panel system and have since specified our panels for use at other plants.

Cleanroom Design. On-site Technical Support Service.

The end user relied heavily on Isoclad’s experience in cleanroom design and the ability to offer a ‘full take off ‘of components and required parts. The process utilised Isoclad’s unique on-site technical support service together with both the CustomClad and PanelManager services when manufacturing the clean room panels.

Isoclad’s CustomClad service has proven to save installers a significant amount of time while improving on the cost of removing waste on site. The accuracy of the work is guaranteed and associated health and safety issues are removed.

By using Isoclad’s Panel Manager Service, your panels are packed, shipped and delivered in a numbered installation sequence meaning you unload your panels in line with your project phases.
While using both of these services, SMP was able to take delivery of panels that already had all aperture openings cut out and also packed in the sequence of installation.

This meant that the panels were able to be immediately installed reducing time, labour costs and site wastage.

The Right Panels for a Temperature Controlled Room.

The large temperature controlled room was supplied using the Isoclad Thermocore PIR 40 LPCB approved foam core cleanroom panels to provide and ensure the clean rooms operated at a constant temperature.

Given the positive feedback received from previous projects, the Isoclad team always feel comfortable when working with the end user as well as our customer when recommending a certain panel type and system that would keep the rooms working at a constant temperature while offering the perfect U Value solution and fire protection.

Comment made by our customer; ‘Thanks very much for thoroughly explaining your take-off details and how CustomClad and PanelManager would help our Project Manager. The time saved using both services has dramatically reduced our time on site saving money for both the end user and ourselves.’

This project utilised a total of 4,570m2 of the Isoclad composite panel system using 100mm thick Thermocore PIR40 core for the walls and 100mm ceilings which were supported using the top hat suspension system.

The aesthetic finish of the panel system was white dust Free class zero spread of fame steel Laminate.

All doors, louvres, windows systems and associated ancillaries on this occasion were purchased and supplied by SMS Ltd with the assistance of our Technical Sales Manager Andrew Palmer who advised on where all the doors, louvres, windows systems and associated ancillaries could be sourced providing the correct size and style as well as the desired aesthetic finishes and performance.

Cleanroom design: Project Gallary

 During installation of the cleanroom panels:


The finished cleanroom:


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Should you require a composite panel with both a physical security and ballistic rating, please visit our sister brand, Securicladhere.

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