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Insulated Fire Resistant Rockwool Panel

Isoclad Ltd manufactures a range of insulated and fire-resisting panels which can be used for wall systems, horizontally or vertically and ceilings. All panels are manufactured to an ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system.

The Firestop panel has a Mineral Fibre* (European fire classification Class A1 rated) core and due to its superior fire ratings and non-combustibility is especially suitable for high fire risk locations, such as bakeries, any area where cooking is prevalent of fire walls to comply with Building Regulations.

The non combustibility for Mineral Fibre combined with the steel facings give Firestop panels a Class ‘0’ rating and according to the new European classifications for reaction to fire, a Class A2.

* Mineral Fibre insulant comprises of mineral rock fibres bonded together with thermo setting resins to form the insulant materials.

Firestop 10 (Fstop10)

Lightweight fire rated non-combustible wall panels designed for internal linings and partitions for general industrial applications and high risk environments. Fstop10 has a density of 100kg and is suitable for low to medium height walls.

Firestop 12 (Fstop12)

Stronger and more durable fire rated non-combustible panel primarily for use in internal and external applications where longer spans and greater loads and improved fire performance ratings need to be attained. Fstop12 has a density of 125kg and is suited to longer wall spans and ceiling panels.

Isoclad EPS

The multi-purpose panel for temporary or cost effective containment

Isoclad XPS

The highly insulated and strong panel system

Isoclad Securiclad

The high security panel system to LPS 1175 SR4 Rating