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Laminate, Leather Grain & Scintilla Panel Facings

At Isoclad we produce panels with a broad range of panel facings such as:


Colour coat leathergrain, A 200 micron PVC paint system with leathergrain emboss, available in various colours. Colour coat smooth 27 micron poly vinyl di fluoride stoved fluorocarbon, available in various colours. Colour coat Scintilla, organic coated 200 microns Scintilla, emboss of 40 microns.
Available in various colours.


WFSL Polyester Primer
120 micron thick White Food Safe Laminate for internal hygienic areas. Standard white 25 micron
painting system consisting of primer and polyester finish. Other colours upon request.
7 micron coat of epoxy paint.

All facings are available in 0.5mm and 0.7 mm hot dip galvanised substrate.

In addition to the extensive colour range that we normall offer, subject to a minimum order, we can ‘colour up’ any steel to particular corporate colours.

Isoclad EPS

The multi-purpose panel for temporary or cost effective containment

Isoclad XPS

The highly insulated and strong panel system

Isoclad Firestop

The insulated
fire proof
panel system

Isoclad Securiclad

The high security panel system to LPS 1175 SR4 Rating