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Isoclad EPS

The multi purpose panel for temporary or
cost effective containment

The main benefits of Isoclad EPS panels are its weight, strength and cost effectiveness,making it most suitable for areas such as stand alone cold and chill stores, areas of high moisture and low/no fire risk.

Polystyrene is one of the most cost effective lightweight rigid insulation materials available.

With a thickness dependant on the application, Isoclad fabricate using ‘brick build’ standard density (15kg/m3) but also higher density (20kg/m3) foam panels. Both grades contain a flame retardant additive (FRA) which restricts the extent of burn when tested to BS4735:1974 and will self extinguish if the source of the fire is removed. The board itself is combustible but the FRA element reduces the risk at ignition source.


Isoclad XPS

The highly insulated and strong panel system

Isoclad Firestop

The insulated
fire proof
panel system

Isoclad Securiclad

The high security panel system to LPS 1175 SR4 Rating