Converted shipping containers

Converted Shipping Containers for Emergency Accommodation

Posted: October 4th, 2017

Confronted with ongoing housing shortage problems, local governments, and housing associations are turning to ever more creative solutions in a strive to provide safe and secure accommodation to their tenants.

With a recorded 15,000 households in the latter quarter of 2016 were deemed homeless and more than 75,000 households living under the umbrella of temporary accommodation, there is a real necessity for homes now more than ever.

Step forward converted shipping containers

In recent years, the 20 to 40ft containers historically used for shipping goods from places as far-flung as South East Asia have been lovingly converted into hipster-adjourned watering holes and beach shacks.

Having witnessed first-hand the emergence of their versatility, converted shipping containers for emergency accommodation has now taken off.

Containers benefit from being able to offer a sustainable, robust, affordable, and flexible solution to short-term accommodation.

Innovative accommodation

Isoclad and our specialist security division, Securiclad, are uniquely positioned in the composite panel market to provide a total solutions package, to fulfil the needs of providing shipping container accommodation.

Flexible Social Housing Solutions

Isoclad’s flexible approach and culture ensure that the design and manufacture process of each project is managed in a way that is bespoke and individually unique to each client. We can supply panels to be either factory-fitted with the accommodation manufacturer or retrofitted on-site where the containers are located.

Customised Insulated Panels

Previous projects we have successfully completed have involved providing a variety of pre-cut apertures to cater for power sockets, switches and doors. As the UK’s largest independent panel manufacturer to offer a choice of fully approved panel cores (Rockwool® and Thermocore) to satisfy fire ratings and insulation, we are able to work with you to provide an unbiased recommendation on what best suits your needs.

Container social housing

The sandwich composite design of our panels also enables us to add layers of materials that make the accommodation even more liveable e.g. soundboard to improve acoustics, plywood to enable hangers to be securely fitted to the panel walls etc.

Uniquely, we can even incorporate high-security wall, ceiling and floor panels rated to LPS 1175 SR1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The architectural finish of our Securiclad panels is visually the same as our standard Isoclad commercial panels, giving you the choice to seamlessly incorporate a secure area built into the accommodation. Securiclad panels are fully certified when they arrive on site.

Ease of installation & peace of mind

In addition to the panels being precisely cut and finished to individual requirements, we also ensure that the installation process is quick and hassle-free. We can arrange for the panels for each container to be delivered as one set, each numbered and stacked in the sequence that the panels will be hung onto the container’s wall.

Regardless of each project’s customised intricacies, we provide an industry-leading turnaround of quotations and products.

Furthermore, as a UK-based manufacturer, we can provide the highest level of quality and conformance with the latest certification and highly competitive costs.

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