Over the past decade, the strength of global warming effects has increased

This has forced individuals and companies to recognise the negative influence that irresponsible behaviour can have upon our environment.

There are many ways in which we can influence and prevent pollution. At Isoclad we are committed to playing our part and have begun to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Working together with our suppliers and customers, wherever technically feasible, we concentrate on using materials made from part-recycled goods and reducing packaging and waste as much as possible.

To reduce our carbon footprint even further, we have developed a ‘Going Green’ strategy

This is a strategy we continually monitor and improve on in order to make sure product standards comply with relevant environmental standards and requirements such as ISO 14001 which we have in place.

Split into four main sections, the strategy covers all the life cycles of a product, from sourcing raw materials to production, distribution, and end of life. Our policy not only involves the manufacturing site but our offices, too.

We’ve made ‘incoming goods’ more sustainable

Over the last three years we have reduced the amount of packaging we use by 25%, and are committed to continuously reduce this waste stream over the next few years. When possible, we source our raw materials from suppliers who operate in an environmentally friendly manner and who are geographically local.

Our steel supplier is a major partner in ULCOS, Ultra Low CO2 Steelmaking.

They have invested heavily in reducing CO2 emissions produced from production steel.

By using partially recycled raw materials we are reducing the amount of energy that would have been used in making it from new, as well as reducing the amount of waste deposited at landfills throughout the UK. Our steel contains 25% recycled material, our stone wool 14% and PIR 20%.

We’re reducing waste during production

To reduce the amount of waste on our site we aim to buy all the materials in at the correct size for each particular contract.

Our minimal production waste is sorted, compressed and then sent off for recycling and, only where no alternative exists, it is sent to a landfill.

Options for panels at the end of building life are developing rapidly. All Isoclad cores have been CFC free ODP Zero rated since 1997.

This significantly reduces the complexity and core of panel recycling where necessary.

In addition to our normal commercially available re-use or recycling option, Isoclad is currently developing a recycling/re-use service for customers.

Facts & figures

  • Over the last three years we have reduced the amount of packaging we use by 25%
  • Many of our products are 100% recyclable
  • Isoclad uses steel that contains 25% recycled material
  • We reuse 30% of the incoming packaging material when dispatching our own finished products
  • By offering complete panel systems to our customers, we help them reduce their deliveries to site and therefore reduce carbon emissions